Do Instagram Followers Matter?

Instagram Followers

Do Instagram Followers Matter?


Do Instagram Followers Matter?


The main idea behind a large followers count is that you ‘don’t have to have a particular talent. For example, Kylie Jenner has experienced a spike in the follower’s count because she has consistently posted on Instagram. If you spend the right amount of time and effort into growing your followers count, you can take advantage of the same benefits they have.

The main idea to understand is that you ‘don’t have to be rich or be born into a wealthy family to become famous on social media.  Above all, a small amount of money has the potential to bring you thousands.


Below are the benefits a large followers count will bring.



Without a doubt, you can earn a lot of money if ‘you’re active on Instagram. It can bring you thousands more than a regular job will. Best of all, you ‘don’t have to develop your own business. Marketers will invest thousands of dollars on you if you advertise their product or service. Once a marketer notices that you have thousands of followers that engage with your posts, they will give you a large sum of money. Of course, this comes with obligations such as:

•    Posting their product consistently

•    Sharing a description, they have created

•    Your followers must meet a specific demographic

If you have above 50K followers, many hotels will offer you a free stay at an idyllic hotel in the Caribbean. As well as, some companies will give you a percentage for every product sold advertised by you. Hence, you will have a consistent source of income to pay your bills.


‘Wouldn’t it be wonderful to become famous without talent? Instagram can do this for you. You ‘don’t have to be a company for people to like you. Many psychologists argue that people will like the same thing that the majority enjoy. Therefore, you only need a large number of followers to make other people like you.

Furthermore, the entertainment industry, such as television programs want to remain relevant. Thus, once someone from the television industry notices that you have a massive followers count, they will be interested in having you on televised shows as well even if you ‘don’t have a particular talent.  


If ‘you’re trying to grow a business page, you must have a considerable number of followers. Once people are visiting your page, it means that ‘they’re interested in what you have to offer. Hence, ‘they’re likely to make a purchase. In addition to this, having a large ‘follower’s base means that people will engage with what you post. As people are engaging, Instagram will perceive you as relevant so it will bring you on the “Explore Page.” Being on that particular page means that you will become exposed to a new audience. The bigger the audience, the more likely it is that your sales will increase. Additionally, you go beyond the barrier of demographics. Thus, you will stay on top of your competitors.


If you want to go further than just Instagram, the help of followers will increase the number of likes on Facebook and subscribers on your YouTube channel. Another platform means another source of income. The way you can do this is by adding your YouTube ‘channel’s link to every post. Once your followers have noticed that you have posted something new on another platform, they will follow the link and give you more views. Once ‘you’ve hit a specific number, advertising companies will get in contact with you to make sponsored posts. Thus, you will have two sources of consistent income.

Bigger Impact

Once people are interested in what you post, you will have a bigger platform to express your concerns regarding different factors such as the environment, economy, and politics. If ‘you’re trying to go into a particular industry, you must have people listening to you. Of course, you ‘don’t have to express your opinion on something serious. However, regardless of how insignificant it is, your followers will appreciate that you care about others and not just of yourself. 

The most important thing to highlight is the fact that you ‘don’t have to grow your list organically. If you manage your purchased followers well, you can take advantage of the same benefits as someone with an organic listing.