Here’s Why Your TikTok Views Are Low


Here’s Why Your TikTok Views Are Low

There are several reasons why your videos are getting such low views. However, you shouldn’t put the blame solely on yourself. The reason for this because, just like any other social media app, TikTok has an algorithm. This algorithm will distinguish between videos.

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Reason #1 – Algorithm

TikTok will pay attention to the number of seconds people are watching your videos. So, if they watch it for 1 second, it means that they scrolled past and aren’t interested. If the watch time were longer than 5 seconds, your video would be higher on the feeds.

If your videos regularly get low watch time, your content will not show to many users. To avoid this, you will have to:

  • Follow trends
  • Tell stories
  • Pay attention to what others are doing

To get a better watch time rate, you should post videos that are shorter than 15 seconds. If you need a longer time to tell a story, do more parts for the video.

Reason #2 – Low engagement

You need to engage with people that follow you. By engaging, you will increase the comments and likes. The higher the numbers, the higher your content will be in the feed. Get others to comment on your videos by:

  • Creating funny videos only
  • Well-thought errors

What we mean by the bullet point above is that you should make small errors once in a while, such as spelling or saying a word wrong. Be aware that you will get criticisms from those that spot the error. However, they will most likely correct you, thus, increasing the number of views and comments.

Don’t be afraid to buy TikTok views. The views will come from genuine accounts with real emails. Thus, you’re not risking to put your account under review.

Reason #3 – Avoid offensive content

Nothing will ruin your profile more than videos with nudity, violence, or offensive gestures or words. Bear in mind that a Chinese company owns TikTok. Therefore, you have to double-think whether your content is appropriate for those that follow or engage with you.

It’s important to remember that it doesn’t take a lot of your video reports to be shadowbanned or banned. Anything that seems inappropriate will have a negative impact on your profile. To avoid this, you should post anything to do with:

  • Politics
  • Nudity
  • Offensive gestures

In other words, you need to post content that is fun and entertaining by looking at what others are doing.

Reason #4 – 5-video rule

Not many people are aware that the algorithm will decide how high your videos will be due to the first five videos. If you don’t gather enough people’s attention within the first posts, your videos will appear low on the feeds. Consequently, you will have low TikTok views.

If you’re past the first five videos, we encourage you to delete the profile and start all over again. For the 5 videos, you should buy TikTok views to ensure that your profile has priority over your competition.

Don’t forget that if your account does get shadowbanned, it’s much better to create another account. The reason for this is because your profile will be put under review once in a while, regardless of what you post.


Before you start to post content, you have to look at what others are posting. It will give you an idea of what works and what doesn’t. If you already have an active account, you should choose a niche that you think you’re good at. For example, if you have a cute cat, you should use the pet to create cute and funny videos.

Ensure that you create good enough videos that people will want to watch for at least 5 seconds. You don’t want people to scroll past as soon as they see your username. It will show to the algorithm that your content is not worthy to watch by other users. You will get views as long as you keep others entertained. Stay away from offensive content.