How Many Followers Are Enough?

Instagram Followers

How Many Followers Are Enough?


How Many Followers Are Enough? How Will the Followers Help Me?


The good news is that there is a consensus regarding how many is too many. When thinking of what your purpose is on Instagram, you must consider the number of followers you want to have. Here’s how the number of followers goes:

•    A celebrity must have 1M+

•    Mega influencers must have between 250K to 1M

•    Small influencers must have between 10K to 50K

•    Aspiring Influencers must have between 1K to 10K

If you have no aspirations of becoming an influencer, you should stick to around 1K followers to maximize engagement with them. One interesting fact that you should remember is that the more followers you have, the less likely it is that they will get engaged with your posts. This will affect you negatively if you want exposure to a new audience.

Nonetheless, this isn’t always the case. If you follow the tips below, you have a high chance of making people engage:



You want to be consistent as you want to avoid people thinking that you’re no longer active. Therefore, the best advice would be to post every day or every two days with high-quality pictures. Of course, a little goes a long way, so you want to avoid posting more than once per day. The reason for this is because to some people you may appear more than once on their timeline, which can be perceived as annoying. Hence, the unfollow button will follow shortly after.


As you may know, Instagram is the visual medium. This means that if you want a high number of followers, you must post clear and good quality pictures. If you have a smartphone, this will be easy as the majority of such devices are built with excellent quality cameras. However, we do recommend that you consider purchasing a good quality camera as they’re more reliable.

How Will Followers Help

The most obvious benefit that it will bring is money. If you want to make money from the comfort of your own home, you should get your followers to count up. Of course, this isn’t an easy job, but it’s undoubtedly profitable if you manage it properly. Even though it’s true that the more popular you are, the fewer people will engage, you have to think ahead. Once you become a small influencer, you can pocket at least 3K every month.

While people are less likely to purchase directly from you, companies pay an influencer to represent their brand. Thus, you will get an initial payment way before it’s on sale. Furthermore, when you make a deal with a brand, you will get back a percentage of every purchase they make. Hence, you can make a consistent source of income just by posting pictures to your followers.

If you’re a business account, followers are essential as every new follower is a potential customer. It’s known that once you have gathered the attention of a young follower, you can already consider them a customer. In addition to this, the more people visit your page, the more likely it is that you gain new customers.

Also, the more followers your business has, the more likely it is that you’ll reach customers from unreachable bases. Through this social media platform, demographics are no longer a problem, so you can potentially have customers all over the world.

Additionally, a large followers count will increase traffic on your website. A creative or impactful post will bring customers to visit your site, so they’re more likely to follow. Better traffic on the website doesn’t just have an impact on sales, but it also impacts your Google Analytics. Thus, the more visited your Instagram profile is, the more likely it is that you will have a successful business.

To be popular on Instagram, you don’t have to be a brand or a company. Your page alone can become popular on this platform. If you become famous on Instagram, you will benefit from free holidays, free hotel stays, and even free food.

Of course, to enjoy these benefits, you must have more than 10K followers. If you don’t want to waste time and effort to grow the list organically, you should consider purchasing them.