What are TikTok predictions for the future?

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What are TikTok predictions for the future?

With millions of active users every day, it’s fair to say that the app is booming. As well as, it’s on the path to becoming as popular as Facebook and Instagram. Previously known as, since 2014, the app is gaining popularity among the Gen Z and millennials, but not only.

The 15 seconds of videos are creative and funny to watch. The numerous niches on the app make this the perfect platform for all types of generations. A survey says that teenagers between 13-17 years old use TikTok the most often.

For this article, we have identified three trends that will shape the app’s future.

  1. Companies will funnel more money into the app

With so many users that open the app every day, it’s evident that companies will want to advertise their products and services on the app. eMarketer estimates that the US market will spend more than $30 billion on video advertising in the upcoming years. The majority of the videos will be on TikTok.

We already see brands doing 15 seconds square videos. For example, Godiva is appealing to younger adults by creating mobile-friendly content only. Also, MAC Cosmetics did a challenge with top influencers on the app with a specific hashtag. By the end, the hashtag was in 635,000 videos, and in total, 1.6 billion people saw the videos.

  • Brands will be less active on YouTube

It’s clear to see that the younger generations are more fluid when it comes to social media. Many like to have more than one profile and use more than just one app. In contrast, Baby Boomers are more likely to use one social media platform such as Facebook only.

Gen Z and millennials understand hashtags; they like to do challenges for brands and follow influencers. TikTok gives them a chance to be as creative as they wish to be with no boundaries. Not many have profiles without posting at least one video on TikTok. The reason for this is because the platform encourages us to engage with others.

Advertisers will want to move away from platforms such as YouTube because it requires less work. Instead of doing videos of up to 11 minutes, you can gather the attention within 15 seconds. Gen Z generation is always in a rush. Thus, they don’t have the patience to watch long videos.

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  • More influencers will have to join for TikTok to be as popular as others.

TikTok will have to pay attention to the quality of its users to avoid going into the shadows like Vine. The marketers for the app need to understand the people will follow influencers wherever they go. Therefore, the more influencers join, the more users will convert to the app.

We can see that several people got famous due to the app even though they were not on the other social media platforms. Thus, it encouraged people to try to become as renowned as them by using the app. It gives everyone an equal chance. Nonetheless, it wasn’t a good strategy for the profits of the app.

If brands don’t have who to use to advertise their products, they will not invest. For the first prediction to become true, the company must pay attention to what and who posts.


The above trends aren’t impossible to achieve for TikTok. However, the only real problem that they face is the trends. Currently, the app is turning towards becoming political. Young activists use the platform to send messages. Not many people are interested in such content. Thus, they can delete the app.

Furthermore, since a Chinese company owns TikTok, a lot of content is censored or put under shadowban. Not many users are happy with such actions as numerous believe that they didn’t say anything wrong. According to a TikTok employee in the U.S., the Chinese tech asked them to censor anything that is “culturally problematic.” The U.S. employees must remove any content that can offend the Chinese government.

We can only wait and see whatever the future will be. What we can say is that it looks promising for the Chinese company. During the pandemic, there were more active users than ever before.

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